Treasure Beach, Jamaica

YS Falls
Located in the beautiful countryside on Jamaica's undeveloped south coast, about 45 min from Treasure Beach. 7 beautiful tiered waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation. Cool, crips pools perfect for swimming, rope swing and zip line for added excitment.

South Coast Boat Tours
Dennis Abrahams & Bernard Sutherland have fiberglass/wood boats that they offer custom tours out of, such as Pelican Bar, Black River, Little Ochie and private beach parties to name a few. Each captain and boat are licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Board. Their first mate is a trained life guard and each boat contains life vests and cushions.

Pelican Bar
The ultimate spot to hang with a Red Stripe, an excellent place for a morning snorkel and Flyd will cook lunch if it is prearranged. Plan to stop there on a boat trip to Black River. About a 20-minute boat ride from the Treasure Beach coast -- a must for anyone visiting.

Bloomfield Great House
Bloomfield Great House is a 200-year-old Georgian-style coffee plantation main house built many years before the town of Mandeville was formed in 1838. It was renovated in 1997 by a Jamaican family and an Australian son-in-law, and now houses a fine dining restaurant offering a spectacular view of Mandeville, and the occasional art exhibition and live music concert

Birding at Bluefields
From the mountains to the sea, we are exceptionally fortunate at Bluefields to see a tremendous number of species of birds. Of the 28 Jamaican endemic species we have observed 22, plus a further 13 endemic sub-species in our local area

Blue Hole Gardens - Roaring River
Day trip out to Blue Hole Gardens - Roaring River in Westmorland, Jamaica. Enjoy the lush beauty of the gardens and cool crisp water of the river and lake, eat lunch at The Lovers Cafe -- US$ 8 dollar addmission to the gardens. Also explore the Roaring River Cave -- the village main attraction

Eco Marine Tour -Bluefields Bay
Our eco-marine tour of historic Bluefields Bay starts from Belmont Beach where fishing has been a way of life for more than 1400 years. The two hour tour with a fisherman guide takes us to the east where we pass close to the entrance to some sea caves where Cave Swallows build their nests

Black River Boat Ride
Boat guided with a running commentary on the area's ecology and history. Jamaica’s largest, and third longest, river – the Black River. Famous for its rare flora and fauna, including mangroves and American crocodiles, the river’s name is said to derive from the large deposits of peat under the water that give it a dark color.

Hiking in the Bluefields Mountains
Just one hour from Montego Bay and Negril, our full day and half day Bluefields Mountain hikes are for the more adventurous who want to get to the top of the mountain - around 2,300 feet (701m). From here, you can enjoy looking down on the turkey vultures as they soar below
Pelican Bar

Appleton Estate Rum Tour
Appleton Estate Rum Tour gives the visitor an inside look at the rum making process. Visitors watch resident donkey "Pax" demonstrate how juice was extracted from sugar cane in the 18th century

Spur Tree
Spur Tree, a mountainous region lying between the parishes of Manchester and St Elizabeth, seems to have been named in honor of the gigantic cotton trees that used to grow in the area, throwing out huge buttresses or spurs, hence 'Spur tree'. The hill rises at a breathtaking 304m per half mile as it crosses the Don Figueroa Mountains that dominate the topography of the two parishes.

Lovers Leap
Located east of Treasure Beach, Lover's Leap is a sheer 1,700-foot cliff overhanging the sea. It was here that two slave lovers leaped to their deaths rather than to be separated.

Milk River Mineral Bath
The highest radioactive mineral bath in the world (50 times more so than Vichy, France and three times those of Karlsbad in the Czech Republic) Milk River Baths claims to provide temporary relief from the pain of arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, gout, sciatic nerve, lumbago, and nervous conditions.

Maroon Town
The Maroon Town area includes several notable caves; details of Jamaican Cave Organisation visits are found in the field notes. Caves in Maroon Town: Young Gully Cave, a stream passage with a good deal of breakdown. Jackson Young’s Cave in Schaw Castle, a stream passage with rudist fossils. Rudist Rock Cave in Vaughansfield also has a good deal of rudists. Also in Vaughansfield is Vaughansfield Cave, a stream passage whose end has yet to be discovered. In Maldon, the Peterkin-Rota system, where a single stream links Peterkin Cave, Rota Cave and Rota Sink.

Golfing in Mandeville
Established in the 1860's the Manchester Golf Club offers a tightly laid out, yet still challenging, nine hole, 5776 yard course with 18 tees. The greens fee is JA$750 for 9 or 18 holes. Caddies can be hired for JA$500 per 18 holes and carts are not available.

Gifts to bring back:

House of Treasures
The Treasure Beach Women's Group has local calabash crafts, beautiful hand woven baskets and very sweet starlight candle holders with senic views of the surrounding Treasure Beach area.


Shirley's Herbal Steam Bath (876) 367-9961 
Shirley Genus is a practicing herbalist and will give you an amazing steam bath with organic home grown and wild herbs, followed by a full massage if you like.

Joshua's Intuitive Massage & Bodywork (876) 389-3698
Joshua Stein, 25 yrs. experience, blends various massage, bodywork and energy systems into his unique practice, including Swedish/Esalen, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Passive Yoga Stretching, Reiki/Aura Balancing. Releases stress and pain, deeply relaxing. Will come to you.

Where to eat:

Kim's Cafe
Great place on the corner with a big lignum vitae tree -- they have great greeen salads, chicken and fish dishes and behind the cafe you can grab a red strip at the bar.


Jack Sprat Café
Directly on the beach -- fun place for fish, pizza and ice cream. Sunday evenings they offer a Fish Fry made to order. Domino, Bingo and bonfires are part of their entertainment as well.

Grab a drink at the bar from Duggie and watch the sunset or catch a bowl of pumpkin ginger soup, a salad or try some lobster -- they have a diverse menu and it's always a good place to people watch.

Alligator Pond
Alligator Pond is a haven for seafood lovers, and most of the fish consumed in the parish comes is caught here. ‘Little Ochi’, possibly the oldest and most famous restaurant in the area - it has some of the best and freshest seafood around.