Sasha Davidson, Founder Tiverton House

April 27, 1947 - March 18, 2008



Sometime in the mid 1980's Sasha Davidson traveled to Jamaica and fell in love with the island and it's people.

This love affair had been going on for nearly ten years when Sasha began his Jamaica Escapes (Tiverton House) villa booking agency in the early 1990's. His goal was to use his knowledge of the island to create a first class experience for the first time visitor and show a uniquely different perspective of the island and culture to the Jamaica traveled pro.

Time and time again Sasha's knowledge of the island would amaze visitors and Jamaican's alike.

Sasha Davidson was born April 27, 1947. He attended St. Paul's Prep in Concord NH and later went onto graduate from Brown University in the Class of 1968. He spoke at least five languages and was a world traveler. Sasha was also known throughout the creative marketing and advertising world and if you ever looked at a magazine in the 1980's or 1990's you may have seen his work, (most notably Reebok's original USA launch ad campaigns).

We miss S&S everyday.